How to be an Elusive Entity – A poem.

by mari

How to be an   E l u s i v e   E n t i t y

inspired by this prompt.

I asked him How to be Elusive?—And, in answer
He canvassed gods and Galileos
–Even filed with Scotland Yard an inquiry–
To present me unsolved cases of fey mystery
Not atypical of an elusive entity.

Hark! how he will slip away and yet remain popular, a rarity,
Just whetting the appetite of the slavering laity,
—Then retire to a quiet shrine, and there
Meditate placidly on Sin and Piety.”


Meditating placidly on Sin and Piety.

“Be elusive, my Dear, like the God particle, the Last Frontier—
the Standard Model’s funeral bier.
Or better yet, like the O-type star—
Undetectable—veiled by clouds of crimson cinnabar
Before which Sol sinks 10 to the 6 times subpar
Being dimmer, diminutive,
A mere Picayune
—But still more robust and longer-lived
Than the O-type, that cagey astral Jacamar!”

“Or mimic rather,’ he continued, ‘The revels of a Shakespearean spirit!’
‘Not a fairies’ midwife or moorland brownie
But a Puckish sylph detained by sorcery,
Who, freed from a piney prison
Makes mischief and demands a pretty sum
To lend his voice to the haunting chorus
Of Prospero’s island requiem.’

“And lastly,’ he entreated me, “You might aspire to be like Carroll’s Cheshire Cat,
Or the Hatter’s oft-disappearing Hat—
Perhaps strive for the political conscience of the callous Carpenter, 
Elusive—like that of our estimable Conservative front-runner!”


Carroll’s Cheshire Cat